Why Hire A Professional Painting Service?

Why Hire A Professional Painting Service?

Why hire a professional painting service? You may be thinking that you can do it yourself. But would that be wise? This is a look at some of the reasons why you would hire a professional painting service and also what to expect

Well... Why?

Why hire a professional painting service? You may be thinking that “you can do it yourself”... or you may also be overwhelmed since choosing the perfect painting services company for your needs is a big decision, and avoid it completely... But would that be wise? Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons why you would hire a professional painting service, and also what to expect.

Quality Workmanship

Professional painters are… professionals! Why would you want to waste all your money on some good quality paint and not have it look as good as it should or last as long as it should? This is the biggest reason why you are hiring a painting services company. Professional painters fully understand the painting process. They give utmost attention to every detail of the painting job. Its more then just looking good on the surface (which they do better too!) but having a quality paint job that lasts the test of time. As in all masteries - Professional painters see things that the untrained eye would never see. These finer points are the ones that differentiate them from novices and make them the choice for an impeccable painting service.


Colour Expertise

Expertise with colours is what a painting service should definitely have. Picking the perfect colour scheme for your home/room or office is much more difficult than you think. Its not just what looks good or goes together well.. or even what style you want your home to represent and exude.. Colours can also have a psychological affect on us; these effects can be subtle or quite significant. Colours should be selected taking various things into consideration such as room function, mood, lighting and even the furniture to be used in it. Choosing perfect colours is something that requires you to be creative. This is where professional painters can be very helpful. They provide you with support and guidance while choosing your custom colour palette.


Just slapping the paint on the walls does not give you the beautiful look you are looking for. Many think that “anyone can paint”, but painting is a skill honed over years. A professional painter knows the tricks and techniques to masterfully paint your home/office with the precision and skill to make it not only last as long as it should but look superlative, and just the way you want.



Professional painters bring in experience to your painting project. They should be knowing about lead abatement and proper surface preparation. Paint, and the surfaces they are adhering to, can be very tricky at the best of times - and this is where the choice of a quality professional painter is second to none. For example - if yours is an old home/office, it is possible that you have paint layers that have lead; A professional painter makes sure that painting does not disturb these paint layers (preventing release of lead into the environment) which could be fatal to yourself, loved ones or employees. They either test for lead in your walls and surfaces or refer you to some experts. Surface preparation, an important step that directly affects the longevity of the paint job, comes with experience. A professional painter understands this process and makes sure your walls are prepared well to prevent paint failure.

Quality Tools and Paint

The old expression “You need the right tool for the job” is in its element here. Not only do you need the right tool - but a quality tool. You cannot expect a quality job with poor and shoddy equipment. Professional painters come with the highest quality tools ready for your job. This is a major benefit of hiring them. The paint brushes, rollers, spray guns and masking equipment are of superior design ensuring clean and masterful painting work. They also select and use the highest quality paints and products to ensure painting looks beautiful and is safe.


Finish Work on Time

This is one of the major attributes of professional painters. Preparing the surface, home, paint and doing the paint work itself can take a lot of time for you, but not for professional painters. Since it is their everyday job, they will do it quickly and better then you ever could. They finish on time or earlier.


Cleaning up the drips on the floor and carpet, potential paint on furniture, laying out and packing up drop cloths, and washing up equipment can be very tedious. Hiring a painting service removes a lot of these problems and also will save you from all these time consuming job.

Licenses and insurance

A professional painting service has required licenses and insurance. You need not worry about any legal complications or accidents during the project.

What they expect from you?

· Take down all pictures and other hangings.

· Remove plants, small objects, and delicate items from the areas to be painted.

· Disconnect all electrical equipment such as television, computer, refrigerator, etc.

· Empty closets and wardrobes to be painted.

· Provide access to places where painting has to be done.

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