Driveways & Garage Coatings

Driveways & Garage Coatings


A beautiful driveway, patio area or garage floor can significantly transform the appeal of your home or office. Although to get maximum performance, improve their appearance and increased their life, you need to maintain them regularly.

Triple Coat will help you create a beautiful looking landscape that’s uniquely yours. Based on the type of finish, on your driveway or garage floor, we recommend the optimum product - working with you to achieve the best appearance, performance and price.

Driveway Coating

Triple Coat’s driveway coating can bring back the new look of your driveway at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. Our coating material is waterproof that bonds with both concrete or any masonry surface. Our coating provides a long lasting decorative finish as we prepare the surface well before applying quality sealers. It penetrates deeply into the surface so it won’t fade, peel off or flake over time. Our coating is resistant to acids, salts, and heavy traffic.

Garage Floor Coatings

Your garage floor is prone to spilled oils and fluids. Cleaning it can be quite difficult. However cleaning your garage floor of oil, grease or other fluids can be transformed into a simple, fast and easy process once we coat your garage floor. Our coating makes your garage even look more organized and clean.

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