Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal


Graffiti is pure vandalism. It decreases a property’s value, diminishes our quality of life and is often offensive or racial in nature. In the recent past, the Tweed and Gold Coast areas have witnessed a significant increase in graffiti.

Why Triple for Graffiti Removal?

At Triple Coat, we specialise in the removal of unsightly graffiti on both public and private properties. We have a dedicated graffiti removal team who can serve you at all times. We have spent innumerable hours taking care of graffiti removal for numerous corporate companies, schools, residential and business centres.

Graffiti removal is not an easy task. Most require unique special paints that require the knowledge and expertise to handle. Graffiti removers available in the general market cannot remove all types of graffiti. They are intended only for small cleanup tasks. You can remove graffiti on your own but it also can leave the surfaces looking patchy and scarred.

Graffiti Removal Process

Experts at Triple Coat ensure successful graffiti removal by identifying the surface type and the substance to be removed. Different types of substances are used for graffiti such as spray paint, stickers, oils, shellac, lipstick, markers, etc.

Then they go for appropriate removal method using pressure washing equipment and industrial quality sealers. Whether it is porous or non-porous surface, our experts can quickly and efficiently remove the graffiti. We use highly advanced products to remove graffiti. They are user and environmentally friendly, and VOC compliant.

Where We Serve

We serve the Tweed and Gold Coast area and pride ourselves on removing all types of graffiti without damaging the surface or leaving any ghastly images behind.

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