Interior Painting & Decorating

Interior Painting & Decorating


When someone walks into your home or office, the first thing that makes an impression is your interior decoration. A major part of that is your interior paint selection. Choosing the colours and styling that matches your taste can be a hectic process. We at Triple Coat will assist you by guiding you through the decision making process and providing variety of options to assist in making the best decisions possible.

Interior Design

Each surface of your home/office interior requires a different approach. And we at Triple Coat have the experience and expertise in making that happen. We choose the appropriate paints depending on the conditions of the room, as well as the surfaces behind adhered to. Our interior painting covers areas like:

-Windows and frames
-Skirting boards
-Built-in wardrobes or units

You may want different look in one area of your home or office over another. Through our professional techniques & experience, we can ensure your desired goals are achieved.

Quality Paints

We use only highest quality paints and decorations that boost the appearance of every room. Whether it flats or highly washable walls paints.. we have the knowledge and only use the best.


Years ago, people didn’t have the science and products to make jobs safer. Today we have low-VOC paints that are good for both the environment but also you and your loved ones. No bad odours or headaches. Just high quality finishes.


We will also ensure your furniture and flooring is protected by properly covering and cleaning by end of each day’s work.

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Our colour consultants are ready to discuss your ideas, goals and our plan to achieve the look and feel you want for your home or office. Call us on 0433 359 287 or submit your request here.

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