Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration


A major portion of your home’s exterior is its roof. It protects your family and your assets from external weather conditions. If your home is in Gold Coast or nearby areas (anywhere in Australia for that matter), your roof is subject to extreme wear and tear due to heightened climatic conditions in Australia.

Don’t be one who neglects their roof and waits for a problem to arise. Fix your roof before your roofing problems affect other areas of your home. Not only does it look bad.. but a faulty roof can cause structural damage including your ceiling, paint and even your contents. Avoid costly future repairs! Triple Coat can bring your weathered roof back up to a quality condition before it’s too late and save the expensive cost of roof replacement.

Roof restoration also transforms the look of your home altogether and increases its value. A properly restored roof can also help you save on heating and cooling bills.

Roof Restoration Specialists At Triple Coat

While you could risk taking to roofing repairs on your own, not only is this an art not many can claim to master, but it can also be quite dangerous one if not setup correctly. Our professional roof restoration specialists have all the equipment, edge protection and high grade tools to provide a top level job. It is always better to take help of professionals who have years of experience in the roofing industry to benefit from their quality craftsmanship and expertise.

Triple Coat has roof restoration specialists with years of experience who can transform and upgrade your old roof to new once again.

All Roof Types

Whether you are looking for cement tile roof restoration, terracotta tile roof restoration, or metal colourbond roof restoration our specialists are there to help you make them look like new.

Cement Tile

Terracotta Tile

Metal Colourbond


High Grade Membrane Paints

Not only do we have quality workmanship, but we also use only the highest quality roof sealers and membrane paints made to last and to withstand the extreme Australian climatic conditions.

Warranty & Guarantee

While others may not make any guarantees, we adhere to true 10 year warranty on all our coatings.

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Noticing any signs of problems (leaks or visual damage) on your roof? Call us today. Our roof restoration experts will do a thorough evaluation and quote on your home or businesses roof. Call us on 0433 359 287 or submit your request here.

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