Staining & Varnishing

Staining & Varnishing


Staining and varnishing brings out the natural colour and texture of timber which leaves your woodwork rich and beautiful. Not staining and varnishing your timber though, including not doing it at the right time and way, can considerably decrease the worth and lasting quality your home or offices woodwork.

Staining & Varnishing Requires Skill

Staining and varnishing, however, is not an easy job. Proper preperation and techniques must be employed to give the wood a healthy shine. If one is not skilled and does not pay enough attention, your project can easily get messed up and can lead to large repairing costs.

At Triple Coat, we offer high quality wood staining and varnishing services at affordable prices. Our professionalism and experience makes us one of the most popular companies in Gold Coast and nearby areas offering staining and varnishing services. We can match to a large variety of stain colours to suit the ambience of your home or office.

Staining & Varnishing Procedure at Triple Coat

Before applying a coat of varnish, our experts do staining, sealing and sanding to ensure that the colour lasts for years. Usually our procedure starts with the removal of dirt and chipped paint. We will make sure that the surface is thoroughly cleaned and ready before we do any sanding. Thorough sanding is important as it makes the area to be painted fine and smooth to touch; it also opens up wood pores enabling the wood absorb the varnish properly. Then depending on the area, varnishing or staining is either rolled or sprayed.

Professional Guidance

At Triple Coat, we explain to you the entire process and will provide an estimate for the work so that there is no hidden cost. Our detail oriented professionals will determine exactly what is needed – What level of preparation? Does it need staining or just varnishing? Whether the wood needs solid or opaque staining? We will also guide you on the measures to be taken to make sure that the other items in the area are kept safe and protected.

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