Colour Selection

How To Pick The Right Right White

Choosing a white paint colour is one of the hardest tasks when it comes to designing. What seems like such an easy decision is filled with thousands of options and many different layers to consider. White paint colours have sneaky undertones that always appear in different lighting conditions so it’s important to define these undertones as your first step.


Colour Psychology

Obvious to some.. unknown to others. Colour has dramatic effects on our psychology. It can also change your perception. In a room for example, a change in colour can make it feel cool, warm, energetic or even spacious. Choosing the right colour is important, as it can influence your mood and thoughts and general feeling of your home or office space.


Tips & Tricks

How To Hang Wallpaper

There’s no doubt, wallpaper is back in vogue and is a favourite of interior designers, from Victorian to post-modern decor there’s a perfect solution to give your room a touch of elegance or head turning wow. Thanks to digital technology you can know have full customised wallpaper, use your own image or choose from an image library for an original, personalised look. Choice is only limited by imagination custom wallpaper is certainly worth exploring, perfect for commercial and residential applications, we love it.


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Why hire a professional painting service? You may be thinking that “you can do it yourself”... or you may also be overwhelmed since choosing the perfect painting services company for your needs is a big decision, and avoid it completely... But would that be wise? Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons why you would hire a professional painting service, and also what to expect.